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Bulle (CH) - by 02/07/2007 @ 17:19

We proud to inform that in the show in Bulle - Suisse - Aprile dei Boulegatti and Azzurra dei Boulegatti got the 1 exc. cac and Bello dei Boulegatti got the 1 ecc, cac in young class

Zagreb - european champio - by 11/06/2007 @ 12:01

In Zagreb our dogs got two second places and three third places.

New Puppies - by 28/05/2007 @ 19:29

On may 16 we had a litter from Bruce dei Boulegatti and Cindarella dei Boulegatti.
For more informations visit our site under puppies.

St. Gallen (CH) results - by Boulegatti 14/05/2007 @ 18:28

We proud to inform that in the international show in St.Gallen - Suisse - saturday Aprile dei Boulegatti got 1ecc. cac rcacib and Violetta dei Boulegatti got 1 ecc.cac rcacib and in the sunday show our dogs got the same results. Violetta dei Boulegatti is international and swiss champion (i.o.)

ALESSANDRIA and PAVIA results - by Boulegatti 17/04/2007 @ 15:55

We proud to inform that in Alessandria national show our Aprile dei Boulegatti got 1 exc.cac bob and two our JUNIORES Bello dei Boulegatti and Brigitte dei Boulegatti got very promising.
In Pavia national show our young Babette dei Boulegatti got 1 exc, bob - Aprile in open class got the 1 exc.cac - Azzurre dei boulegatti in open class got 1 exc.cac, and the two juniores Bello and Brigitte got very promising.

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