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In november 1991 I met for the fist time the French Bouledogues. I had just moved from Turin to the green hills of Monferrato and I was searching for a dog.

Fortuitously I met with 2 black puppies, with very sweet eyes and enormous ears. It was love at first sight and Botero and Beatrice came into my house.

After reading books and magazines I understood that they had little or nothing to do with modern French Bouledogues but I entered the world of bullies and so…I picked up my phone and left for the Netherlands to meet Mrs. And Mr. Ricky and Victor Van Raamsdonk, the holders of the affix ”de la Parure” one of the most prestigious at worldwide level.

I returned to Italy full of advice and useful information for the breeding, but also together with a group of French Bouledogues who gave me the first satisfactions in reproduction and exposition.

I would like to remember some of them like URIEL PRINCE DE LA PARURE, Ch. It. Int. Lux. CCC, XANDRA PRINCESSE DE LA PARURE, Ch. It. CCC, TOUTOU TERRIBLE DE LA PARURE, Ch. Studdog and in most recent times YSDOOR DE LA PARURE, YVES LAURAN DE LA PARURE and ZAOMI DE LA PARURE.

It’s always a pleasure to meet Mr. and Mrs. Van Raamsdonk usually in foreign countries in occasion of the several specialistic expos!

With these subjects, together with other ones of less genealogical importance , I started breeding with the affix ”dei boulegatti”.

Of all the subjects I have produced I am proud to place CLAUDIA SCHIFFER DEI BOULEGATTI, EDOUARD DEI BOULEGATTI, LORENNE DEI BOULEGATTI, OTTAVIA DEI BOULEGATTI, all subjects who have been in rings of half Europe obtaining everywhere a big success and important champion titles, and in most recent times the new generation like RUCOLA DEI BOULEGATTI and RAPSODIA DEI BOULEGATTI.

Thanks for visiting.

Luigi Gatti

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Puppies born - by 04/12/2012 @ 11:32

With great pleasure we announce a new litter, more details under “puppies”


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